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Frankly speaking, I’ve been out of touch with the Open source world for quite some time. Until recently, after I’ve joined the new government agency, I managed to do some research while given time to learn new technologies and languages.

I started reading tech blogs and tech news again (since I’m not as busy as before where I need to rush for project deadlines in and out), and I spotted this MariaDB that really attracts my attention, this is the link to ZDNet article - Open-Source MariaDB, a MySQL fork, challenges Oracle

Yes, you’re right, MariaDB is a MySQL fork, and as mentioned in the article, MariaDB is run by the founder of MySQL, Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius, and he claims MariaDB is faster, more secure and has more features than MySQL. I’m actually very excited to know that the code is maintained by the same dedicated core team of MySQL in the past 18 years. They even bother to form a foundation, the MariaDB Foundation, to promote MariaDB.

Already, there’s a lot of open source software officially supporting MariaDB, such as  Drupal, Jelastic – Java in the cloud, Kajona, MediaWiki, phpMyAdmin, Plone, SaltOs, WordPress, and Zend Framework. But the hosting service provider might not be readily supporting MariaDB in their hosting solution.

Time will tell whether MariaDB would be the real replacement for MySQL, I’m sorry I don’t think I should use alternative here ;-)

For more information, please visit MariaDB official site.

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