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The TUIO Coordinate System
Despite the publication of the TUIO specification, relatively little information is available regarding some of its implementation details. One such area in which documentation seems to be lacking related to the TUIO coordinate system. Keep the following in mind when working with the TUIO coordinate system: The coordinate system for a TUIO surface has a boundary of (0,0) to (1,1). The (0, 0) origin is at the top left of the surface, and the (1, 1) point is at the lower right of the surface. The X ......

Posted On Wednesday, June 23, 2010 10:53 PM

Calculating Screen Resolutions Using WPF
WPF measures all elements in device independent pixels (DIPs). These DIPs equate to device pixels if the current display monitor is set to the default of 96 DPI. However, for monitors set to a DPI setting that is different than 96 DPI, then WPF DIPs will not correspond directly to monitor pixels. Consider, for example, the WPF properties SystemParameters.PrimaryScr... and SystemParameters.PrimaryScr... If your monitor resolution is set to 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high, and your ......

Posted On Monday, June 14, 2010 10:40 PM

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