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Come late 2000 and I started experiencing first symptoms of a disease which would haunt me the rest of my life. Its not that I am complaining though its actually been a blessing in disguise this  Upgraditis :).

First upgrades to the machine listed in the previous post were the processor, motherboard and RAM.

Processor – Pentium III (Coppermine) 733

It was a time when the GHz war was yet to begin. AMD was just brimming ear to ear with the success of the Duron and we in the Indian hinterlands were still avoiding anything AMD based on the historical heat issues of the erstwhile K6.

Intel had improved upon the Pentium III by including support for 133 MHz FSB and a nicer core, the Coppermine. Upgrade was obviously due.

Motherboard – Mercury KOB 815 FSX

With the Coppermine out went the fast fazing out Slot 1 and in came Socket 370. The new socket invited a new Motherboard and the 815e with the all new AGP 4x slot provided a lucrative mid-end solution to move over my absolute low end 810. The 815 brought with it another analog offloading slot in the guise of the CNR slot.

RAM – Hyundai PC133 128 MB

Desperation is a prominent sign of severe upgraditis. Though the PC100 64MB would have worked the desperation to use the entire FSB on offer was touch too much to resist, and I fell for it.

This machine would now serve me for a long long time to come. So long that it still is lying around and serves as a perfect gaming rig for my favorite classic Allan Border’s Cricket.

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