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All you tech addicts out there must be following the MWC 2010 keenly enough. But today (tonight for me in India) is a night I've been waiting eagerly. Kind of with the same teeny excitement with which we awaited the disappointing iPad.

Tonights the night when my infidelities with WinMo may come to an end. I am sorry WinMo, yes I admit I was dating the iPhone OS, and Android lately. But you are to blame partly for it. Tonight I'll see if we could settle scores. Lets see what WinMo 7 err Windows Phone 7 Series as MSFT prefers to call it.

Engadget is liveblogging from there be sure to keep refreshing your browser feverishly at the following URL and times.

04:00AM - Hawaii
06:00AM - Pacific
07:00AM - Mountain
08:00AM - Central
09:00AM - Eastern
02:00PM - London
03:00PM - Paris
07:30PM - Pune
11:00PM - Tokyo

Or use one of the following:
ReloadEvery for FireFox
ChromeReload for Google Chrome
AutoRefresher for IE

Gotto hide the Galaxy Spica and iPhone, lest some exciting new WinMo 7 device decides to drop in tonight.

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