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Context: My Windows Azure account is inaccessible since last morning (IST), its been 24 Hrs since I raised alarm with the support folks and its yet to be resolved.

Rant: Now this is not a freebie account we are talking here, I am a Customer as well as a regular "Consumer". Have bills mounting 300$ +. Surprisingly another free account is there and the storage on that is running fine (Till 31st March).

Now what have us poor paying folks done to receive such treatment?

What about the SLA? I am being told that there is a "Holiday" in MSFT India locations and trust me I am an Indian and know for sure that the "Mahashivratri" is not such a big festival out here to warrant loosing important business.

Does MS think they can take people for a ride just by saying we apologize for the problem?


The problem is not uninformed downtime, it could happen to any startup, but the bigger issue here is the laxity with which it is being handled. The Live Concierge has no idea about the situation, Allen Chen comes around the forum post asking for apologies and asks to persist with the  support folks

As a Developer some downtime would hardly matter to me. But think about the hard time my sales folks will have now selling Windows Azure to our customers. The SIs banking on Windows Azure instead of GAE and  EC2 have every reason to be concerned.


Surprisingly enough, I can login to msdn but cannot access the Account, clicking on the "My Account" link leads me to this now,

1099 - There’s a good chance that this is not something you’ve done wrong, but an error that we’re not yet aware of. We think that the best thing to do is to start again from the home page. If the problem persists, please contact our support team and reference error code 1099 for assistance.

I hope MS has enough reasons for this, let us see the damage control measures. If anyone else has had a similar experience please share here.


Update: MSFT PR got in touch with us, They explained the whole process. It was an algorithm that we were working on which demanded a lot of instances be created on the fly by calling the Service Management API. MSFT suspected some strange activity and suspended the account. However the error that was displayed nowehere resembled what was actually happening and the holiday at MSFT India did not help matters either. Now we are expecting a call from the MSFT India who will restore the account. Case closed.

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