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Gaurav Taneja Great dreams... never even get out of the box. It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line, to hold them up and say, "How good or how bad am I?" That's where courage comes in. January 2011 Entries
Using Derived Tables
Using Derived Tables to Simplify the SQL Server Query Process Problem Sometimes querying data is not that simple and there may be the need to create temporary tables or views to predefine how the data should look prior to its final output. Unfortunately there are problems with both of these approaches if you are trying to query data on the fly. With the temporary tables approach you need to have multiple steps in your process, first to create the temporary table, then to populate the temporary table, ......

Posted On Monday, January 10, 2011 7:15 PM

Creating a new Job in Sql Step by Step
This is about adding a new SQL Jobs in the Sql Server 2005. Step 1 Make sure that the SQL Server Agent is up and running. You can see it in the taskbar icon. If SQL Server Agent is not running, start it from the SQL Server Configuration Manger You can also start the SQL Server Agent from the command prompt using the command netstart net start "SQL Server Agent (<instance name>)" e.g net start "SQL Server Agent (SQLSERVER01)" Step 2 Connect to the database engine of SQL server using SQL Server ......

Posted On Monday, January 10, 2011 7:02 PM

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