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The BizTalkDocumenter tool on CodePlex is great for generating help files describing your BizTalk application. It runs under the command line as well as having a Windows UI, but it's missing a command-line option for specifying a single BizTalk application to document (it defaults to documenting the whole BizTalk estate on the server).

If you want to document a single BizTalk application as part of your MSBuild process, two small modifications are needed to the class Microsoft.Sdc.BizTalkDocumenter.Form1:

  • ProcessArgs() – add a new case to the switch statement (before the default is processed):

    case "/app":

    case "/application":



    documenter.IncludeReferences = true;

    documenter.PublishType = PublishType.SpecificApplication;


  • GenerateDocumentation() – modify to use the default (CHM) publisher if none is specified:

    if (executionMode == ExecutionMode.Interactive)


    documenter.Publisher = DeterminePublisher(this.comboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString());


    else if (documenter.Publisher == null)


    documenter.Publisher = DeterminePublisher("Compiled Help");


To call in MSBuild, use the following target (specify "show" as false, otherwise it defaults to true and the help file will be displayed on the build server):

<Target Name="DocumentBizTalk" DependsOnTargets="CreateDocumentDirectories">

<!-- Build BTS application doc:-->

<Exec Command="$(BizTalkDocumenterPath)\Microsoft.Sdc.BizTalkDocumenter.exe

/o:$(PublishDocumentDir) /t:TheApplication /app:TheApplication /show:false"/>


Posted on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 7:30 PM BizTalk 2006 R2 , MSBuild | Back to top

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