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On a recent project I had a choice between using Web Services and Remoting. is an excellent resource about remoting.  In the end I chose Web Services but I think it is interesting to understand why.  First .NET Remoting is a good technology for interprocess communication when developing purely in the .NET environment.  Next, .NET Remoting is very fast when serializing binary data over TCP.  Remoting is also a good choice when you are operating on an internal LAN. 

I was work in a pure .NET Environment and I needed for my web application to validate Routing Numbers.  I choose to build a Web Service for several reasons.

  • Web Services is standards based (XML, WS-I, DISCO, WSDL, etc.)
  • Web Services are easy to consume.  Just add a web reference.  This reference can be dynamic. (Set in web config.)
  • Have strong industry support
  • Still Fast
  • Easier to understand for a less skilled deverloper than Remoting.
  • Web Services Scale Better.  Use of the web service could easily be given to customers at a later date.
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