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For most of my career I have wanted to make a difference to society.  Something that would changes someone's life, or leave a lasting impression.  Part of this is because for part of my life I wrote Interactive Voice Response systems.  You know the ones that no one likes, where the company you are trying to get support from specifically disallows “zeroing out” to an operator and forces you to wait through their nasty tree of menus and submenus.  For the past few months I have been working up to this coming weekend with the WeAreMicrosoft event.  I have had the pleasure of working with charities and helping them to drive to their requirements as part of the selection committee.  I also got the pleasure of working with the Red Letters Campaign on the project they have submitted for the event.  Part of my involvement with the WeAreMicrosoft event is to see how a Give Camp is ran.  I plan on bringing the joy of Give Camps to Oklahoma and seeing what wonderful charities the technologists in Oklahoma and surrounding areas are going to be able to help.  As a first step to getting the Oklahoma Give Camp up and running, I have released the Alpha version of the site at  If you would like to help or know a charity that could use our help please email myself at  As I get the sponsors lined up, location lined up, and more planning done I will release the details and the final date.  If you are at the WeAreMicrosoft event this coming weekend give me a shout!  It should be a great time as we all band together to help some very deserving charities receive the technologies they need for their future. Tags: ,,

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