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Last night I received my computer that was ordered with my tax return money.  Here are the specs of my old computer:

- Pentium 4 Processor
- 3-4 GB RAM
- ~256 GB HDD space (2 drives)
- nVidia card (AGP 8x)

Sorry I can't be more specific, my memory is gone :p  Here are the new computer specs (mostly):

- 2.8ghz Pentium i7 quadcore
- 6 GB RAM
- 1 TB HDD space (1 drive)
- 1 GB Radeon card (PCI-X)

I also got a new monitor (22" Asus with HDMI) so will be using my 19" widescreen as a secondary monitor.

If I remember I'll hop on here and post the specifics later on...

Posted on Friday, March 26, 2010 4:55 AM Updates | Back to top

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