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Sorry, I totally failed on that Thursday Challenge, although I had planned on it yesterday because I had off, unfortunately golfing 18 holes took me like 5 hours, plus another 2 to/from the course.  I'm going to plan on the first challenge next week.

In related semi-interesting news, I have decided on my next XNA game but it is still in the very early stages so I don't want to really say anything much about it.  I've got loads of fixes to do on PONG, but if I really tried to fix all the bugs people have asked for, I would be fixing it for another year.  I'll fix certain aspects of it, but a lot of the design changes I won't implement because that would change the design plan I had for the game and I might as well have started a new game.  I think this next game will be pretty interesting...

Posted on Friday, August 22, 2008 10:09 AM | Back to top

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