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Check out this amazing article on internet 'trolls': NY TIMES.

It's interesting, I understand how bad it is that these internet kids call families of deceased people or badger them in real life but that isn't what stands out to me the most in this article.  What stands out is the subculture these kids think they live in.  There's this whole portion about the troll and his nice car pulling up all mysteriously and the reporter getting in, and the other troll thinking about putting a blindfold on him and driving him from the airport.  All these people are in real life are emotionally un-mature kids playing games on people.

These kids act like they're basically internet sensations and big real-world celebrities when they've done nothing better than know how to manipulate the English language.  One part mentions the troll saying how he despises bloggers, how is he any different than a blogger?  Lets say he cracks into someones MySpace and posts some random junk, sorry to tell him thats basically blogging.  When it all comes down to it, he's still just doing the same thing as everyone else, he just wants more attention from it.

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