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Recently I signed up for that Coke Rewards website just for fun.  My parents always drink Diet Coke and I do now too at work so I figured why not submit myself to the torture that is submitting random codes from under caps via a slow web interface?  Looking over the prizes, the best (to me) seems to be the 19" Samsung HDTV for 13250 points.  How many points are a cap worth?  A measely 3.  Now I was planning on asking for an HDTV for Christmas and getting a bigger one than a 19".  So assuming I need 13250 points, and I get 3 points per cap, thats approximately 4,417 caps needed and in 4 months (assuming 30 day months) that brings me to consume about 37 drinks with caps per day.  thats about $1,110 a month in drinks alone assuming each drink is $1.  Times 4 months makes the 19" Samsung come out to about $4,440 (what a steal!).

Not to mention the Rachael Ray 20-piece cookware set is 14400 points (more than the TV!).  Oh well.  I miss the days when we had the 'Xbox 360 An Hour' giveaway Mtn Dew sponsored.  This is the first code thing I've actually done, but I remember many of my friends winning their first Xbox's via that giveaway.

Back to life, I've been on a big adventure game binge lately.  I love the complexity of the games and typically find them generally fun to play.  I think at this point in my life if I had a full game company and had to choose my next project I'd make it a blend of Gears of War (3rd-person shooting action), with Adventure puzzle/inventory collection elements as well as loads of optional side quests that feature even more difficult puzzles but reward the player.  The biggest problem would be having the Action players not hate the game for the adventure parts and the Adventure gamers not hating the game for the action parts.

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