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I did so much work on Pong this last weekend I'm pretty sure I'll finish it much earlier than anticipated (assuming by earlier you take into account the multiple months where the project was on hold and I wasn't even working with XNA).  Just because I feel my blog is such a big deal, I'm not going to release any of the new features yet :p  Although, once I get a bit more done I'm planning on uploading a slew of photos to have people let me know what colors I should change (granted my programmer art is not so bad on this project, though is still programmer art).  From what I've been reading the Alpha phase of game development has all the features in but not working fully.  I suppose I'm not in Alpha because I don't have a few things implemented at all, but the game is extremely playable which makes me think it's close to Beta.  I guess I'm technically in pre-Alpha but I'm developing it once piece at a time so I'll almost be in Beta as soon as I'm in Alpha.  I think Alpha is defined much too strictly but I guess it's easier to have all the core stuff implemented when you have a whole team rather than 1 guy.

Prior to this I mentioned something like 60% was done and some other stats.  If I had to guess I'd say I'm about 80% done right now with the final 20% being design implementation and extras.  After reaching 100% in this model though I'll need some time for testing and final tweaks (tighten up the graphics on level 4).  Image dump coming soon.

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