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Thinking about it, I'm done with the DirectX demo.  I'm going to remove the animation stuff because animation is super difficult and is something I feel I could learn in the industry more than by myself.  What I will be doing is removing the animation, putting up one final video, and then returning to the glorious Pong!  *crowd cheers*

I have a white board full of items at home to work on but it's all primarily menu-items and additive design elements.  I'd say of the 100% of what is left, approximately 60% is additive design, 30% is menu-based, and 10% is basic game elements.  Overall, I've got about 50-70 hours on it and am about 60% done with the full product (those estimates are including doing all the artwork, programming, and design).  I've reduced many of the design elements and instead of including all of these unlockables and all these awards that were initially planned.

Why the sudden change?  While the DirectX demo was seemingly more impressive graphically, a full game would be a great portfolio addition and should really show my dedication and passion for game development.  I was also super impressed when I step back and look at it, I like the darkness and creepiness for my 3D DirectX demo, but for the 2D pong I love the cartoony 'bubble' graphics and I never built either of them thinking 'So now I need to make a game like this...'.  Amazing, polar styles based on feeling and design, not copying!  (Game design 101 kids, make what you want, not what you've seen)

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