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That's it, InsideGamer has gotta change.  Considering my personal site with my resume and portfolio gets about 10 times the number of hits my main page does, I figure I should change the main page.  I'm going to try to update this blog more with what I do and some code snippets for ASP .NET web programming hopefully.

So, what to expect?  Feature list:

  • Game Development Tutorials - Submit your tutorials, we'll review them and build a quiz based on the lesson.
  • Quizzes - Take quizzes on the tutorials and get 'achievements' for 100% (learning is fun!)
  • Game Development Forums - Talk to others about games and game development
  • Custom 'Dashboard' - Sign up and login to access your cusomizable InsideGamer homepage featuring a user profile, settings for your preferred site theme, and more
  • Project Manager - Promote your game project by creating, editing, and updating a profile dedicated to your project.  Available layouts, themes, etc...  Let others know what you're doing by posting Project Press Releases or let your team know what's happening by posting Team-Only News.  Don't have a project?  Join someone elses by submitting your information for a posted position!
  • More (can't think of the other ideas at the moment)

That's the new idea for InsideGamer.  The goal of the review site was to really understand games, to 'Get Inside Your Games' by knowing games.  I feel the best way to do that is by learning about making them and working on making them.

Now, don't expect this real soon considering this is going to be a massive project for one person to handle.  If anyone is looking for some web development fun this summer let me know.  The site will be built in Visual Studio (probably 2008) using ASP .NET with a C# backend.  Or, just let me know what you think of the idea and anything you'd like to see in it.  I've got approximately 3 months to finish...

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