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I think this next year is going to be big for me for many reasons.  First, I'm graduating which, obviously, is probably my biggest achievement in the next year.  This last semester I was freaking out about grades but I ended up with an A, A-, B, B, B- so I'm pumped about that.

Next, I'm speaking in Sept and Oct in Minneapolis about HLSL and shaders.  I'm super excited to talk about HLSL and introductions to shaders.  The Sept talk will be about the anatomy of a shader and how it works with your GPU.  The Oct talk will be kind of a math based introduction to creating lighting in a 3D world with a point light.  When the time comes I'll give more details about them both and eventually the presentations will make their way onto the blog.  Until then, loads of work to do...

Also, I printed out my XNA tutorials and articles and put them in a 'Game Development Portfolio' as a hard copy version of everything on my site and it looks SOOOO good.  In a big binder, printed back to back it almost looks like a real book!  (Any publishers looking to publish an XNA tech book? hehe)

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