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There will be a SharePoint May 25th at 9 pm. For more information you guys can hit this link up: ...


I used to be envious of those people who could go to every conference. I would look on twitter and I would watch the streaming keynotes. I wondered how can I get to these events? Somehow I did it I’ve ...


This past week the company I work for re-launched our external facing internet site, all powered by SharePoint 2010. I already blogged about it, but have you ever wondered, what does it take to build a ...


Thought I should bring this to attention since it’s a weird issue and the solution isn’t obvious when googling. The issue is - In MOSS an Ajax-Partial postback, causes the page to loose its page title. ...

Saqib Ullah,

I am back on my blog after a very long time. In my up coming posts I will discuss Sharepoint and Windows connected Systems.