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Windows 8
Tarun Arora,

Have you accidently deleted files from TFS and are looking at a way to undelete the file? You don’t have to undo your previous check in to get the files back, there is a simpler way. 01 – View Deleted ...

Jason Olson,

Welcome all to my new blog: Coding Coda. Why a new blog? Well, the old one is basically dead. I’ve struggled a long time on writing at the old blog. Why? It was explicitly technology/programming focused. ...

Chris G. Williams,

A couple months ago, I announced I was leaving Magenic in order to take a break from consulting. I figured I'd post an update as to what I'm doing now, since I haven't exactly been slacking off.1) I accepted ...

Dennis Vroegop,

During the last Build conference all attendees were given a brand new sparkling exciting Surface RT device (I love that machine despite its name but that's beside the point). On it came a version of Office ...