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I might as well put in my two cents on saving Windows XP from extinction. I’ve tinkered around with Vista a little bit and the interface is pretty cool as long as you have the hardware to run it. Overall it looks good and does have more, albeit annoying, security features. Minor gripes would include changing items in the control panel that have been the same for years.


My major gripe would be directly related to work and I’m sure other developers have already voiced this as well. The gripe would be that there is no formal support for Visual Studio 2003 on Vista. Like many other developers I have to maintain many applications that are a little bit older and were built in 2003 using the 1.1 framework. Microsoft has their spin on compatibility issues with Visual Studio and Vista here. I especially like the seventh and eight Q&As. I wouldn’t be as annoyed by the whole thing if it weren’t for the next to last Q&A “We are committed to helping developers move their .NET Framework 1.1 code to the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0”. That’s great but in the real world outside of Redmond I can’t just put my other projects on hold to upgrade the old apps.


I asked a Microsoft sales rep about the situation last autumn. The answer I got was to use Microsoft’s version of VMware (Virtual PC) to run XP and use VS2003 on that. I’ve used VMware in the past on servers and it is really neat but I only have so much CPU and RAM on my computer that running a virtual XP PC would bog down my system even more.


I suppose I could try and dig up an older PC to run VS2003, but I couldn’t guarantee that I would be lucky enough to uncover one. I think I’ll just sign the Save XP petition and hope for the best.

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# re: XP Extension or Extinction?
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XP should and will die....

OK, now that I have your attention, please notice that I did not say WHEN. And that day is certainly not in the immediate future for many situations.

On the otherhand, VS-2003 is over 5 years old, and .NET 2.0 has been out for over 3. There has to be some time limit.

As the Owner of a consulting firm, I know the impact of upgrading application to stay current (we are scheduled to complete the upgrade of ALL of our applications to VS-2008 by June 1st 2008, and are well on our way with a migration plan to "Rosario" aka "DEV 10".

The XP Virtual Machine approach does work well if you have a "modern" machine. Even my laptop has no problems running Vista Ultimate 64 along with 3-5 VM's (Asus VX2S2, under $3K).

If the someone's hardware is not up to the task of running Vista well, then Vista simply should not be installed. My firms minimum recommendation for machines is :T5xxx @2.5Ghz, 2GB Ram, 160GB Disk.

I also wonder how long it will be before we are all commenting about the "good old days of Vista" and are complaining that our dual-socketed (Extreme QUAD in each) frunning at 3Ghz+ with 32 GB of RAM, and 4TB of Disk [my current development machine] is not capable of running whatever "New" enviroment is shipping...
Left by TheCPUWizard on Apr 24, 2008 8:07 PM

# re: XP Extension or Extinction?
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Now a developer complaining about Vista - thought I had heard it all.
Left by JoeP on Apr 25, 2008 6:47 AM

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