After building your project, you find that the results are different from a previous build, or a build on a different computer.   That can be disturbing, so you need to understand why the two results are different. The following are some things to look at:
1.       First step should be to verify the source code is the same.
2.       Check that the same QFEs are installed
3.       Check the environment variables
Open a build window, enter “set > Environement.txt” or any filename. Then diff the files between two build environments.
4.       Check the build.log files
This is how I found and solved the problem that I discuss in Platform Builder: IXP46x, 128 MB RAM, CEBaseCESysgen.bat - System Fails to Boot. The delta between two build logs showed that the compiler command line was different.
5.       Check the makeimg results
a.       Ceconfig.h – the ceconfig.h file lists all of the features in the OS. If you think that the two OS’s should be the same, then the ceconfig.h files must be the same.
b.      Ce.bib – ce.bib lists all of the files in the OS, they should be the same.
c.       Reginit.ini – reginit.ini includes the default registry for the OS.
d.      Initobj.db – this is the default databbase
e.      Initobj.dat – this is a list of all directories that will be created and files that will be moved when the system boots.
6.       Check that the device hardware is the same
If you are running the two OS’s on two distinct systems, make sure that they are the same.
Once you have narrowed down the basic differences, then should be able to search the source code, makefiles and configuration files to find where the two are being set different.  In the past, I have discussed the importance of having a good search tool, this is one of the reasons why.
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