Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Fundamentals by Stanislav Pavlov and Pavel Belevsky is one of the first books about developing a Windows CE device using Platform Builder available in several years.
As the name states, this book contains the fundamentals of developing using Platform Builder.  It does not venture into too many details though, so this is a book for beginners, not beginning programmers, but beginners with Platform Builder.
This book is fairly short at 230 pages, as technical books go, so reading it doesn't take long and can be worth the time.
This book's success is a a discussion of the architecture of Windows CE.  This is especially helpful becuase of the major changes to the Windows CE architecture in version 6.0.  This includes a discussion of how processes are managed, kernel and user mode drivers and virtual memory.
The book falls short though in details, and maybe that is appropriate for a fundamentals book.  It would have been good to have provided some source code examples to explain some of the material better.  There are also some topics which are covered better in Platform Builder Help.
Overall, if you are new to Platform Builder or need information about the changes to the Windows CE architecture, this is a good book to read.
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