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Redirect Standard Error to Output using PowerShell

We use LiquiBase for Database change control and Octopus for deployment to downstream environments in our CICD pipeline. Unfortunately, the version of LiquiBase we use writes information messages to standard error. Octopus then interprets this as an error and marks the deployment with warnings when in fact there were no warnings or errors. Newer versions of LiquiBase may have corrected this.

This statement in the update-database function of the liquibase.psm1 file will publish information level messages as errors in the Octopus task log:

..\.liquibase\liquibase.bat --username=$username --password=$password --defaultsFile=../.liquibase/ --changeLogFile=$changeLogFile $url --logLevel=$logLevel update

As a work-around, you can call the statement as a separate process and redirect standard error to standard out as follows:

&  cmd /c "..\.liquibase\liquibase.bat --username=$username --password=$password --defaultsFile=../.liquibase/ --changeLogFile=$changeLogFile $url --logLevel=$logLevel update 2>&1" | out-default

Now the messages are published to Octopus as standard output and display appropriately.

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