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Friday, September 5, 2014

Team Explorer Everywhere Command Line Client on a Mac

I was surprised at the dearth of information on this. Here’s the whole enchilada. I did not have to enter user or password information for the TF commands. This could be because my Mac account and password is identical to the Windows AD account and password. Use TF help to get a full listing of commands and TF Help [command] for details on each command.

  1. Download TEE-CLC on your Mac and unzip/move the TEE-CLC-x.x.x folder under your Applications folder.
  2. Open the Terminal command line on you Mac (search for Terminal)
  3. To see the current execution path on your Mac:
    • echo $PATH
  4. Enter the following to add the TEE-CLC to you path:
    • export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/{TEE CLC folder name}
    • example: export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/TEE-CLC-11.0.0
  5. Enter the echo command again to verify the TEE CLC folder has been added to the path
  6. Install the Java JDK (installing just the run time is  not sufficient)
  7. You should be able to execute the TF command from the Terminal window once the Java JDK install has completed
  8. Create a folder to store your TFS source control files. I used \Documents\_s\MyCollection
  9. Accept the TCC license by executing:
    • tf eula
  10. Create the workspace:
    • tf workspace -new -collection:{url} -location:server {workspace name}
  11. Create the workspace mapping
    • tf  workfold -map -collection:{url} -workspace:{workspace name} '$/' '/Users/bob_hardister/Documents/_s/MyCollection'
  12. Navigate to your local workspace folder in the Terminal window to run TF Get and other workspace centric commands
  13. A Get command would then be
    • tf get -r  '$/…desried TFS server location to pull from'

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