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Hello, Microsoft finally released the Team Foundation Service in late October 2012 after its long time in the preview phase. I was already using the TFS Preview which was free but I was happy to see Microsoft releasing the Team Foundation Service also FREE for upto 5 users. Isn't that great news? I know there are bunch of other free source control repositories (Github, Bitbucket, SVN etc.) out there but I somehow like TFS better. Also the other good thing about the final release was that I didn’t ......

Hello folks, Recently I was involved in Installation and Configuration of Team Foundation Server 2010 Farm for a client. A month after the successful installation and configuration, Microsoft released Team Foundation Server 2012 in mid August 2012. Well, the company was using Borland Starteam as their source control and once started to use TFS 2010, their developers and project managers love it. No wonder right, moving from StartTeam to TFS. ;-) Anyways, long story short, they are now thinking of ......