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Where do you find 800+ technology geeks talking in binary? Yes you are right Houston Techfest 2010. I was fortunate enough to attend the Houston Techfest 2010 hosted at University of Houston on October 9 2010. Fortunate, because I got permission from my wife, she is pregnant and due in a week.

I presented two sessions on the following topics:

1) NOSQL Using MongoDb

2) Introduction to iPhone Game Programming

One of the good question asked in MongoDb session was how to access the nested collection attribute. Here is the code for that:


10Gen was kind enough to send some MongoDb swag which was distributed in the session. To read more about MongoDb I recommend checking out the MongoDb website and also articles hosted on HighOnCoding.

My other session was on iPhone Game Programming. It was the last session of the day 5-6 PM. I really enjoyed presenting this session since it is just so much darn fun creating iPhone games. In the iPhone session I demonstrated how to use Cocos2d framework for creating cool effects and animation, SpaceManager to create physics dependent games and Instruments to find memory leaks. There were many good questions from the attendees and most of them were interested in getting started. Here is a complete list of things which can get you started with iPhone programming.

1) Mac (You can get Macbook, IMac or Mac Mini)

2) Pay $99 (annually) to Apple to become part of the developers program.

3) iPhone or iPod Touch to test application (You must be part of the Apple Developers Program to test your iPhone application on the device. See point number )

4) XCode

5) Cocos2d (Cocos2d library makes it easy to create games)

6) SpaceManager (Wrapper around Chipmuck and it makes it easy to use physics effects)

7) Ray Wenderlich blog (This is the best resource for creating iPhone games)

8) HighOnCoding Articles on iPhone Development

9) TheNewBoston on YouTube (This guy has many iPhone development videos)

You can download the complete code using the following link: 


Many people also asked me about my iPhone application which is available on app stores. The app is called “ABC Pop” and it is an educational app to teach alphabets to young kids. If you do buy ($0.99) the app please rate and review it.

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Thanks for posting it Azam Sir. I forgot the name of the physics library and was looking for it, then thought to # search on twitter and found it.
Thanks and it was a very interesting session that day.
Left by Sonal Khodiyar on Oct 14, 2010 1:36 PM

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