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AzamSharp Some day I will know everything. I hope that day never comes.
Its always hard at first to get a good grasp on any new technology. A novice programmer always wonders that what is the best way to learn. In my case working on a personal project proved to be really good. Offcourse before that you have to read some good books that will give you an introduction to the technology. Apart from reading books asking questions on forms have also helps me alot. People from all over the world answer questions and express their views.

When I started implementing my first project I was doing all sorts of mistakes. These mistakes include:

* Not closing datareaders

* Not handling exceptions

* Not logging exceptions

* Returning large datasets instead of objects

These are just few of my mistakes. As time passed I learned new concepts and adopted new skills. Some good resources that might help a novice programmer are: * ASP.NET Unleashed, Second Edition by Stephen Walther * MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-305): Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Visual Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET by Mike Gunderloy * Microsoft ASP.NET Coding Strategies with the Microsoft ASP.NET Team by Rob Howard, Matthew Gibbs After making some personal projects you can also look at the starter kits available at Some of the starter kits are really bad implementation like IBuyStore and IBuyPortal. I recommend looking at which is pretty cool. I hope this information will give you some push with .NET technology. So, how did you started Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2005 9:43 AM | Back to top

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# The best way how to learn the modern tecnologies
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this is the best website that boost me to understand more hoe to learn the mordern tecnologies in the mordern present and the future
by the way, right now i now some sources of path to walk with tecnologies in the present that provide me the ideas how to get it by showing the source
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