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How do I create and access another sql server db using linked server in SQL Server?

For a full explanation and step-by-step guide to setup a linked server through Sql Management Studio (SMS), check out this reference: http://www.databasejournal.... Here it is in a nutshell: If you are setting up a linked server for another sql server 2005/2008 box, just remember to (1) name the Linked server the same name as its network name, (2) select and provide under the security option ,"Be made ......

How do I know what version of Ubuntu I am running?

From the terminal type:

lsb_release -a

How do I get a listing of all DB instances and table names where a column name occurs in MS SQL Server?

I've been there! You are at a client site and you know you need certain data elements but aren't certain how many databases on a given server ...or ... which tables the data elements you are interested in might appear. Here's a single statement when executed from any SMS query connection that will get you there: EXEC sp_msforeachdb ' DECLARE @pattern nvarchar(100) SET @pattern = ''%elementName%'' IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM [?].information_schema.columns WHERE column_name LIKE @pattern) BEGIN SELECT ......