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I’ve been following AureliaJs for quite awhile now and I’ve collected a lot of links. Here they are, in no particular order, for you to enjoy.

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My Aurelia Code for a presentation  - The Aurelia JavaScript Framework with Rob Eisenberg - Hanselminutes  - Discover Aurelia with CEO Rob Eisenberg - YouTube  - JSChannel 2015 - Angular 2.0 Vs Aurelia

• "Aurelia provides the developer the ability to use whichever data-binding libraries you wish, including but not limited to the default aurelia-binding, handlebars, knockout, etc..."

Aurelia CLI

Aurelia Docs

StackOverflow Documentation on Aurelia
, - compare a bunch of frameworks – DotNetRocks with Steve Sanderson on JavaScriptServices. Rob Eisenberg added many comments related to Aurelia for this talk.

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