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I wrote this out quickly, so that I could share what to expect to co-workers who have not yet taken a test yet.

The tests I’ve taken over the last 6 years have mostly been multiple choice (A, B, C, D), sometimes more than one option is needed, other times it’s drag and drop to put the right code snippet in the right place. At the end of one was a more real-world “test-let” that had code and several questions where you’d fill in the code.

Here’s the flow of what normally happens (you’re experience may be slightly different):

  • Study
  • Sign up for the test on
  • Study
  • cram
  • show up and show 2 forms of identification
  • proctor signs in to the computer in the room and gives me 2 dry erase boards with a pen
  • survey on my work experience
  • start the test and chose C# or VB (depending on the test)
  • 40 – 60 questions 2 - 4 hours (with a timer in the program)
  • If I'm not sure about an answer I mark the question for review and write a question mark by the question number on my board. Also write it down to see if a hint is given in a differnent question.
  • At the end there is a screen with all questions and has checks by the ones you marked for review. Review the questions marked, sometimes I go through all of them. Click done to end the test.
  • Then a comment section pops up that you can give comments on specific questions. Click done.... wait... you'll see your score.
  • Sigh of a relief (passed) or disappointment (I have to take this again Sad smile)
  • You'll then be asked to review the testing environment (computer, noise, experience). This is optional.
  • Once you're done and go to the front desk. They'll print off a sheet with bars showing which sections are strengths and which are weaknesses.
  • If I didn’t pass, after getting in the car, I write down the questions and specifics I remember that I wasn't sure of (I don’t share these as that would be a violation of the agreement when taking the test). Go back to the start.
  • When I pass: (In days passed) Get reimbursed for passing the test by the company (if applicable) and celebrate with my family. Figure out the next test (or put it off for awhile). Go back to the start and do it again for the next certification test.
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