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After reviewing some of the feedback from our bloggers we added a couple new features to and there are still more to come.  Here is a list of the features we added.


  • Fixed the Twitter parser to better support URLs and Hash Tags
  • Added some hooks behind the scenes to tags posts with common keywords automatically
  • Added Facebook likes and Tweets to the bottom of every post
  • Cleaned up a few skins
  • Images on the main page for bloggers who use Gravatar or Twitter integration
  • Random bug fixes based on Log


We are definitely working to make faster and better.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with the team.  On a side note, if that suggestion is move to WordPress, I will reply to you with stop writing ASP.NET for your day job and move to PHP.  That request is the equivalent in my eyes.  If we have enough bloggers leave the Microsoft .NET Platform for their main source of income, we might consider it.


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